The Chintels School ponders upon the thought that to accomplish wings to fly, the cocoon should be strong.

The infrastructure of the school is such that it bridges the gap between desires and aspirations is quite comfortable for students. Almost all aspects of possible facilities have drawn the attention of the school to completion.

A healthy mind prevails in a healthy body. Keeping this in acceptance the school and its facilities are extremely hygienic and care of the weather conditions has been taken as well. Moreover a child gets the privelage with all possible facilities that make learning an elating business. The magnificent architectural view of the school’s campus is attracting, the auditorium and playing ground of the schools motivates anti exhausting agents to work and once again set the child to his goal. The audio visual room of the school is no less than an entertainment cum educational theatre.

Digital learning today constitutes the bulk of educational institutions and it creates an adorable medium between learner and learning. The smart classes and their effective use superimpose clear concepts on child’s brain.

School Climate

The Chintels School provides a safe, friendly and caring environment where students develop a positive self-image while growing both intellectually and socially. Our students know that they matter now and in the future. Our students experience the growth of their personal conscientiousness through reasoning and awareness. We teach them that learning is a process that includes numerous stages and changes, which does not consist only of absorbing what is broadcast, but also of reflection, questioning and debate.

The Chintels School will always promote to its students a life-long love for knowledge and discovery, as well as a thoughtful interest in reading and the arts in general. At every opportunity our students are encouraged to take pleasure in finding self and general wisdom; they are aided in acquiring advanced skills to propose and create solutions and develop a high- level of thinking, leadership and teamwork skills.

Teaching strategies are based on knowledge of the real world and we inspire our students to search, study, and investigate useful topics that provide them with meaningful insights. Our students are motivated by participation and interest in daily lessons and in the presentations they are encouraged to give about their own investigations.

The theoretical framework of our schools pedagogical approach endeavours to integrate classroom instruction and individual and collective learning with meaningful experiences to enable our students to gain confidence in their abilities, skills, and talents.

Our students comprehensive education is possibly the best schooling available both during school and in our Extra Curricular Activities program, which includes several different after-school workshops, music, arts, and sports.

Additional Characteristics:

  • Both students and parents receive high level of personalised attention
  • We offer differential learning for each students.
  • Extensive Daily Extra curricular activities.
  • The Schools environment is family-oriented.
  • Our Parent-Teacher Meeting is geared towards building closer relationship between school & home.