Beyond Academics

Under the marvellous impression of all round development, the school entrusts itself with a wide range of extra curricular activities. In accordance to the mission of the school strong emphasis is laid on extra curricular activities like debates, creative writings, sports and many more. The key goal of The Chintels School to bring up all rounders is crystal clear by its notable achievements in extra curricular activities. The school brings forth extra cultural events such as Compkriti for students to excel and display their acme. Persistent practises for various competitions are carried out.


The Chintels School provides a matrix of intra as well as inter-school sports activities. The children undergo training in Football, Athletics, Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Skating, Horse Riding, Archery, Shooting and Swimming. The children are encouraged to play inter-house tournaments and participate in other sports, to promote the spirit of sportsmanship. This emphasis on sports participation also instills team spirit skills for life beyond the school days and for a wider appreciation of sport in general.

Every student on an average plays one hour of sports every day. A fitness programme of scientifically planned set of exercises and yoga keeps the Chintelians ‘healthy and agile’.

Traditional Indian games such as Kho-kho as well as Kabaddi are celebrated at the Annual Sports gala and at Inter school events. The teachers in charge occasionally also introduce Indian fun games such as Pitthhoo or kite flying.

Apart from outdoor sports, the students are encouraged to play cerebral games like Chess. Adventure Sports, like trekking, rock climbing as well as mountaineering, are features of the school that offer a lifetime experience for the students.


A technology fest is organized every year by the students to ignite ideas and encourage innovations. Each original and fresh idea has the potential to be the harbinger of positive change and crusader of big cause.

With the idea of promoting scientific thinking, and innovation, our tech fest Compkriti believes in creating an unrivaled aura of a technology and science, spectacle year after year. It is an endeavour to provide a platform for the students to display their talents and skill.


By communicating freely with voice, face as well as body, a child learns to express ideas with confidence and feels at home in his/her own skin. Music and dance can help a child become more imaginative, self-aware and collaborative citizen-hence music and dance are an essential component of the Chintels curriculum.


This gleaming ink on paper has led to vigorous changes round the world. The power to express beliefs is given substantial importance at Chintels. The power of ink in Chintels School is so strong that children have even won the all India creative writing competitions. Stories, journals, articles, essays, poetry, whatever children love to write, they are encouraged to do so and their creative work is published in our yearly school magazine.


With pencils, crayons or paint brush one can create magic. The Chintels art department can definitely boast of being magicians. The creativity along with imagination at its best can be seen in the school art room. Our children are fostered with unique ability to portray emotions on canvas. Art is given utmost importance.


The band is an integral part of our school culture. Every year, the band puts up an excellent display of their skills for which they train tirelessly.


Vocal fear of a child ends with the first vocal string on stage. Chintels strongly focuses on this fact. Thus it holds the recognition of successive bagging of awards in oratory competitions like debates, declamations, recitation.


Current Affairs Quiz, Spell Bee, Language Wiz, Bharat Ko Jaano, Let’s know the world around us and many more quizzes like this are held from time to time. The rigorous process in training them has proved to be fruitful as children have been bagging the first position in all the competitions at city as well as state levels.


Celebrations and festivals are an essential part of joyful learning at our school. Religious festivals, national festivals, festivals related to the environment are celebrated with great fervor, enthusiasm and pride. Children are exposed to the essence of these festivals through stories, music and dance, discussions and a variety of hands-on activities.