Vision Statement

To nurture the intellect and conscience of every student in a caring and stimulating environment.

Our Mission

  • Provide a safe haven where each child is valued
  • Provide all-encompassing, caring and rigorous learning environment that engages students and challenges them to grow emotionally, academically, socially and creatively to their full potential.
  • Students are encouraged to develop a social and moral conscience which enables them to contribute to their family and the wider community.
  • Offer a platform where students prepare to succeed in a rapidly changing society. We ensure that our students develop the skills that a good education provides and also develop the competencies vital for success and leadership in the emerging creative and competitive economy.

Our Values

In accordance to mythological traces both Duryodhana and Yudhisthira were equally mighty and courageous but a certain factor prevailed to alter the elevation of success attained by them. The factor was values. Imbibing this belief the Chintels Schools majorly focuses on the moral development of a child. Such a strong foundation can make a child rattle every storm, disaster and accident. We majorly believe in nurturing values that predefine a human life because it is more challenging to hold on the designation than to attain it.

The schools provides quite friendly environment and has offered moral classes separately to enrich a delicate mind with values as its foundation. The attempt to do so gets clearly seen in form of moral science as a separate subject. In all these ways The Chintels has promoted a quality education.

"The Chintels School has always been willing to innovate, to pioneer; an attitude based learning, not on looking over a shoulder at what everyone else is doing, but on strong educational and moral conviction."

Code of Conduct

"Being safe, being true and being responsible."

Delivering quality and marvellous education since 1989, The Chintels Schools follows a firm code of conduct to avoid irrelevant trifles disturbing the everyday routine. Substantial belief exists on the fact that in future a child reflects the values and habits of his childhood. So the school makes children abide by a code of a conduct that they emerge as a good human soul.

Children have to follow the district code of conduct in and after the school time. They would solely be responsible for the good or bad activity they would be found engrossed in. The schools timing is strictly to be abided by else entry in the school would be restricted for the day. The school uniform and way of carrying oneself should be neat, clean and decent. Discipline is must in a person’s life as it itself solves seventy percent of problems. Attendance of an individual should be up to the mark and absence would be allowed on a proved logical reason. Revolving around these norms, the school makes its students not only academically strong but also well disciplined and a perfectly faultless human.