Posted On: 13-Oct-2017  From: The Chintels - Kalyanpur

"The world on Wheels" It is important to encourage, Every day is a new challenge, Every day is a new race, Confidence reflects on every face. The Chintels School, Kalyanpur organised Inter- House Skating Competition. The students gave an incredible presentation and the results are as follows:- Grade II to IV (Boys) Ist - Tejaswi (Yellow- Jyoti) IInd- Shivam Gupta (Green-Shanti) IInd- Krishna Puri (Red- Preeti) Grade II to IV (Girls) Ist- Aaral (Red- Preeti) IInd- Riddhi Sinha (Yellow- Jyoti) IIIrd- Eccha (Green-Shanti) Grade V to VII Ist- Brahamdeep (Blue- Neeti) IInd- Krish (Yellow- Jyoti) IIIrd- Sashwat (Green-Shanti)