Visualised as the “temple for learning” for both children as well as teachers, the physical space of The Chintels reflects breathtaking beauty, thoughtfulness and interaction with the natural elements; a space full of warmth where the children feel a deep sense of belonging.

The School has a football field, basketball court, volleyball court, table tennis and equipment and floor space for gymnastics, and swimming pool in the making.

Balconies are used extensively for circle time, group interactions and project work. A diverse ecosystem that houses a variety of trees, bushes, foliage and flowering plants, a butterfly garden, a vegetable garden – all contribute to creating beautiful green spaces that evoke lasting sensory as well as interactive experiences.

Fully air conditioned classrooms offer a touch of comfort. The classrooms are also well-ventilated to allow fresh air to blow through the north-south and east-west air corridors.

The School built on 16 acres of land houses Classes I to VIII, art, music and dance rooms, a huge library, a central hub for various activities, extensive playgrounds, , a theatre room, well equipped laboratories for science and computers; AV room, meditation room and medical room.

Multi-Sport Culture At The Chintels School

Multi Sport Culture

The Chintels School is dotted with 4 full-fledged playing fields spread across its over 20 acre campus. The school provides a matrix of intra as well as inter-school sports activities. The children undergo training in Football, Athletics, Cricket , Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Skating, Horse Riding, Archery, Shooting and Swimming. The children are encouraged to play inter-house tournaments and participate in other sports, to promote the spirit of sportsmenship. This emphasis on sports participation also instills team spirit skills for life beyond the school days, and for a wider appreciation of sport in general.

Every student on an average plays one hour of sports every day. A fitness programme of scientifically planned set of exercises and yoga keeps the Chintelians ‘healthy and agile’.

Traditional Indian games such as Kho-kho as wellas Kabaddi are celebrated at the Annual Sports gala and at Inter school events. The teachers in charge occasionally also introduce Indian fun games such as Pitthhoo or kite flying.

Apart from outdoor sports, the students are encouraged to play cerebral games like Chess. Adventure Sports, like trekking, rock climbing as well as mountaineering, are features of the school that offer a lifetime experience for the students.