special assembly- Rally for rivers
Posted On: 13-Oct-2017  From: The Chintels - Kalyanpur

"Let us join hands and engage, Let us all bring a change. The rivers flowing clean around, Greenery all over the barren ground. An initiative and a new revolution let's save rivers by taking a resolution. Every effort will bring a miracle and together we all can easily handle". It's absolutely an alarming situation for we humans. Everyone's cooperation will certainly bring a great change and a remarkable improvement in the condition across. We Chintelians have joined hands and taken a step ahead in order to be a part of River Rallly (An initiative by Sadguru). Why to let the natural resources deplete? Wake up and bring yourself closer to an effective and most precious resolution to save rivers. We have got a lot from our natural resources and now let's pay a gratitude by preserving, conserving and protecting our biggest natural friends. Water is life, Water is precious, Water is the biggest source of our existence yet we are depleting it to a great extent. We the members of human kingdom are the biggest defaulters and the root cause of water depletion. Today we all Chintelians took the pledge and created another revolution by promising to save each drop and growing unlimited crops. An assembly presentation was well conducted by our students and it was a remarkable presentation on "SAVE EVERY DROP" "This is not a protest. This is not an agitation. This is a campaign to raise awareness that our rivers are depleting. Everyone who consumes water must Rally For Rivers. ~ Sadguru #wearewithyou #joinus #rallyforrivers #special #assembly #chintelians #trendsetters